Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Word of the Week: Bridesmaid Addition

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Last week I started a new series called Word of the Week! Each week I am defining a word with a variety of images and quotes that convey the personal meaning of the word and how it relates to my life. Last week I chose the word friendship and this week I am talking all about the word BRIDESMAID.

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Bridesmaid had a much different definition to me a week ago, and then my sweet friend Katie asked me to be one in her wedding and the meaning completely changed. Seriously, the excitement inside of me is unreal. 

I shared this picture last week, but I am sharing it again because it is so precious! She is literally radiating happiness. 

Katie's engagement was literally one of a kind and I am SO happy that I was there and able to be apart of it. Look how happy her and her man were after they got engaged. Doesn't the perfection melt your heart? 

Okay.. now that you have a glimpse of the bride and groom to be.. I am onto the bridesmaid part... 

Katie casually invited us girls out to dinner last week. I was just anticipating a great night out eating Mexican food and chatting with my besties. Never in a million years did I ever imagine she was going to ask us to be bridesmaids.

Then she handed us this...

And look at the adorable note that was inside. I cried. About fell over. It took all of my will power not to scream YESSSSSS as loudly as I could in the middle of Pablanos!!!!! 

Of course I want to be her bridesmaid! Who freaking wouldn't...she is the best! 

Everything was so fun and so special and I am so excited to help her tie the knot!!!!

Look what came inside the little boxes. The most adorable knot rings!!! Do you get the irony? How clever and cute, right?

And this picture fills my heart with joy...

and because we are talking about Bridesmaids and I think the movie Bridesmaids is absolutely hysterical...I felt as if this E-Card was pretty relevant. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!


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  1. I'm glad I read this at home because of all the tears


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