Friday, January 29, 2016


On Fridays I walk with a little more pep in my step, eagerly racing to the end of the work day! Today is no different, and although we have no particular plans for the weekend I could not be more excited! What's on your agenda for the weekend? 

and because this is apparently my new favorite phrase of choice, I think it's basically problematic if I don't order this sweatshirt...

I'm predicting this little gem will be as comfy as it is adorable, so in the shopping cart it goes. And I cannot way to pair it with my favorite black vest that has been the staple in my winter wardrobe this year. 

And speaking of staples, I have been wearing my red wellies at least twice a week in January. They have been a life saver with all of this snow slush melting the past few days. 

And friends, are you feeling the all of the love in the air with Valentine's Day sneaking up? I shared all of my favorite Valentines inspiration on the blog this week here.

Including this adorable card I can't wait to gift to my hubby! Pizza is our go to dinner fav, so it just seemed like the perfect fit.

And yesterday, I shared my recipe for this white chicken chili slow cooker soup. It's perfect for the winter months. I find myself going back for a second or third bowl every time we have it. This time I froze half for a quick and easy meal on a day where we are running behind. 

One of my favorite and funniest moments this week was when I was going to make scrambled eggs for breakfast and couldn't find the eggs. Somehow they ended up in the freezer, so needless to say we ended up eating cereal while the eggs thawed out. I laughed thinking about a few years back receiving this text from my mom...we really are so much alike. 

I also shared this week that David and I are planning a trip to Disney and I seriously could not be more excited!!! The picture above is spring break last year where I went with two of my besties to Disney World and we hit up all four parks in one day! Such a crazy, fun adventure. 
And just for kicks, one of my favorite moments on the trip was after our 15 hour car ride, we finally got the hotel late in the evening, and all we had to do was piddle, but we couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet. We seriously called the front desk asking. I mean I tried sitting on the seat (thinking it was an automatic flush) tried every light switch in the room, we search the bathroom up and down... turns out, the flush was on the top being covered by a roll of toilet paper. Yes, talk about top 10 embarrassing moments.

We recollected ourselves the next day and had the greatest time touring the countries in Epcot. Of course we had to taste test food from every country, because why not? Disney is just absolutely my favorite. Are you a fan, too? 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. that sweatshirt needs to get into my closet asap! so glad i came across your blog from the link up! cant wait to continue reading your posts and hope you'll stop by mine as well!

  2. I absolutely love those wellies! So cute! :)

  3. Oh my gosh that sweatshirt is adorable - can't wait to see how it looks!! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That sweatshirt is absolutely adorable!!! Red wellies are on my wish list for this year :)

  5. Have fun planning your trip to Disney! And you definitely need that sweatshirt, it's super cute and comfy looking! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista


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