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Ever since I can remember I have always been a very detail oriented person. If a picture was 1/8 of a millimeter crooked it caught my eye, if a cereal box was upside down in the isle at Target I just had to flip it around or it would bother me. I know, I'm crazy. And I know that at times I spend way too much energy stressing out about silly things. One being making sure I nailed down every last detail of every last thing while planning for mine and David's wedding.

People kept telling me, "you're the only one that's going to notice it...don't worry about it..." and looking back they were right. Sometimes during the wedding planning phase I would get way too wrapped up in what the centerpieces were going to look like, how I was going to decorate the pews at the church, how I was going to address the invitations, ect. that I would completely forget the real reason for the day.

Overall, however, I feel I settled for a good balance of adding in some corky details, while still allowing myself to sit back and enjoy that precious time in my life.

Here is a little glimpse of some of the details that composed our woodland wedding on October 17th.

Stole this chalkboard for 66% off a Hobby Lobby a few years back and thought it would make the perfect place for a little warm welcome for our lovely wedding guests. 

These floral arrangements were on the tables at our rehearsal dinner! What a great way to repurpose them for the wedding day! They added just the perfect touch of color to these old wooden crates as guest walked through the church doors. 

I used our engagement pictures to create a photo book on Shutterfly. I love that all of our engagement photos are in one place, with our favorite peoples handwritten messages layered on top. Fine print Sharpie markers for the steal! Worked perfectly on the glossy paper. 

I have a slight obsession with creating little things on Picmonkey. It has kinda become my therapy. I wanted a wedding program that was fun, smaller in size, and something that was different than anything I had really ever seen before. I added lots of random details that I thought our guest would enjoy! The back listed our bridal party, family members, and gave a few shout outs to some wonderful helping hands along the way!

I wanted a beautiful backdrop for a few family photos, and my sweet friend's mom (& our wedding officiants wife!) made my vision come to life. I want this fireplace and decor in my living room.

This picture is extra special to me for two reasons. One being that my Grandpa who recently passed away is on a charm that was attached to my wedding bouquet. This man meant the absolute world to me and I miss his sense of humor and sweetness every day.

Secondly, my Mom's wedding dress has been packed away in a preserved box since her and my dad got back from their honey money 20 some years ago. We opened it the week of the wedding with my sister and grandma and it was just too much fun.

Little did I know, my mom cut a piece off and had "love you to the moon and back" embroidered on it. It made the perfect wrap for the flower stems on my bouquet. I just love how meaningful my bouquet turned out. 

A simple way to recognized the loved ones that couldn't celebrate with us on our wedding day. I stole this "In Loving Memory" sign from Hobby Lobby 50% off! Plan to keep it for when my sister gets married next ;) 

My sweet friend & lovely bridesmaid Katie, gifted me this adorable hanger for my wedding dress. Love that it has our wedding date on it. Thanks so much, KT! This was such a fun detail! 

If you haven't noticed yet, I really like to be different. I knew I wanted the bouquets to tie in with our woodland theme, I just wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off. I landed on heart shaped bouquets with random combinations of greenery and floral. My best friend since 3rd grade & bridesmaid's talented sister, created these one of a kind beauties for me. 

David and I took communion during the wedding ceremony. Such a special time for both of us-being that we strive to put Christ as the center of our relationship. And below a close up images of the table.

Just some sheer fabric in various shades of green, thrown together with some extra greenery for the win on the isle pews. My Grandpa is a gem stone and cut me lots of log stumps that we scattered about, and complimented with different sizes and shapes of class jars filled with candles. It really set the romantic mood for the ceremony when the lights were dimmed and they were all lit ;).

I am in absolute love with the cross that was in the background during the wedding ceremony. Such a meaningful and beautiful symbol. 

That's a wrap on wedding ceremony details! Truly could not have done any of this without the wonderful help of my family and friends. They truly are such a blessing. Stay tuned for some wedding pictures and details of the wedding reception! 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Wednesday, Friends! 

Photos compliments of Behind the Lens Photography 

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  1. Everything about your wedding was GORGEOUS! I love your dress, too! So much time and effort is put into planning a wedding so it's nice to see it all come together on your big day. I just got married this past July so I know just how fun and exciting wedding planning is. Also, marriage is even better than that!! Love all of these pictures! :)


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