Friday, July 17, 2015


I know I have said it a million times but I have truly hit the jackpot with best friends. I guess I can attribute that to my sweet friend Stacie who set the standards for besties high in the early years of elementary school.
I just love this girl to pieces!

We have spent nearly 2/3 of our lives being best friends so you can only imagine the excitement I felt when I received this text from her...

insert lots of squeals and jumping up and down here.

Take a look at this rock close up... talk about gorgeous..

and just when you thought you could never see anything more beautiful take a look at this..

Two people madly in love and over flowing with happiness. If this doesn't make your heart fill with joy I don't know what will.

Stacie is the brightest and prettiest real-estate agent I know with a heart on fire for Jesus and Kyle is the most genuine and sincere guy on the planet. When you put those things together you get one power house couple. These two were absolutely made for each other. 

So how did the proposal happen, you ask? Ill let Stacie tell you in her own words..

and just for a visual...
my heart is literally melting as I type.

So beautiful! 

I can't wait to be one of her bridesmaids in June and I can't wait until she is one of mine this October! It's wedding season and I am over the moon excited!

To read about my engagement click here.
To read about my sweet friend Laken's engagement click here.

Have a wonderful day! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beauty Routine

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals to spill all of my beauty routine secrets!

 My beauty routine is far from complex.

I am a shower in the evening type of girl. I have found it makes my mornings way less stressful! I am a total Aveda junkie. I usually wash my hair every other day and I always flop between using Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner (for blonde color treated hair) and damage remedy shampoo and conditioner. 

Once I hop out of the shower I always run a dime size drop of It's A 10 and Moroccan Oil through my wet hair. These are my absolute favorite products to help put the moisture back in my hair and prevent it from looking like straw. If they don't do the trick, I love using Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle to bring my locks back to life! 

When I wake up  I like to start my morning out with a fresh cup of joe, and lounge in my robe. I secretly love wearing my robe. 

Next on the list is putting on my make-up. On a normal day my make-up routine consist of:
1. Applying a very light coat of liquid foundation
2. Putting a dash of blush on my cheeks
3. Applying mascara

On special occasions I whip out my Naked 2 palate and add a little eye shadow to the mix.

I love using different sizes of brushes when attempting to master the "smokey eye" look. I use master very loosely. I usually come out looking like I have a black eye! I am far from being a make-up artist, but it's certainly entertaining to try! 

I am madly in love with my Chi straightener. I put a lot of trust in this little guy to turn my frizzy wanna be curls into something a little more tame and classy.

I love using it to curl my hair too! Here is a great tutorial I stole off of YouTube that explains how to transform your straightener into a curling iron! Seriously the most practical thing ever.

When I am all done with my hair and make-up I go straight for the accessories! Love adding pops of color into my outfit to spice things up a bit! 
I use a ceramic egg crate to store all of my earrings! 

I am obsessing over how cute this yellow egg crate is from World Market. 

I bought an old coffee mug tree from a thrift store and gave it a few coats of spray paint to freshen it up. It is now home to all of my bangles and bracelets. 

I will be giving you all a tutorial on my necklace holder sometime in the near future so stay tuned! 

What's your beauty routine secrets? I can't wait to hear all of your suggestions!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!!! 
The weekend is finally here!!! I am kicking off the excitement with another link-up of Friday Favorites with some of my favorite bloggers. Check out Andrea's blog called MomfessionalsErika's blog called A Little Bit of Everything, and Narci's blog called Grace and Love. Their blogs are so inspiring and they are a must read! 

The Fourth of July! 
I am dying over all of the cute 4th of July inspiration in the blog world!
 I absolutely love following The New Mrs Blog. Christina is a natural and yesterday she blogged all about Four for the Fourth and I haven't stopped obsessing over this outfit she shared...
I am determined to find this floppy hat! It is just so stinking cute and festive! 

And early this week I blogged all about the menu essentials for you fourth of July celebration. Here are a few of my favorites....

To see the rest of these red, white and blue treats click HERE.

My Sweet Sister 
We celebrated Macie's High School graduation this weekend and it was one of my favorite summer moments thus far! There is just something about having all of my family and friends in one place that just makes my heart so happy! 
God really blessed me when he made Macie my sister. This girl is filled with so much life, spunk, humor and happy vibes! She has a heart on fire for Jesus and her laugh is contagious. 

New Mascara
There are those weird things in life that make you happier than they probably should. For me, it's when the barista messes up my drink at Starbucks and I get a second one free and when I buy new mascara. 

And lucky for me, both of those things happened yesterday! You best believe I was doing a happy dance inside. I am obsessing over this new mascara...
Mineral Fusion is the real deal, friends! I have never loved a mascara as much as I love this one! 

Okay, I am assuming that at this point you are starting to question my sanity, but cleaning and organizing things just instantly relieves stress in my life! This week I deep cleaned my apartment and finally made time to purge my purse and briefcase. 

If you are in search of the perfect summer purse click HERE.
If you are in search of the perfect briefcase click HERE.

 but let's be honest... this is usually my cleaning mentality...
or this...

Tonight Dough
This makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I am typically a LOYAL BlueBell fan but this stuff is the exception. I ate it at 10am last weekend on our 5 hour truck back home. I'm not ashamed, I'm just obsessed. You'll be obsessed too! 

What are your favorites from the week? 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating the 4th of July! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday

 My sweet bestie Addie and I are kicking off our Thursday with lots of thankfulness! 
I absolutely LOVE this series because no matter how busy my week is I always have to carve out a bit of time to sit back and reflect on all of the wonderful things I am thankful for! 

Incredibly thankful for my mom and grandma!
Words just cannot begin to describe how much I love these ladies! They are constantly encouraging me, supporting me, and loving me, even from 5 hours away! I am thankful for phone calls and FaceTime with these gemstones! 

 I am thankful to share a birthday with my sweet cousin!
Courtney and I were both born on July 7th exactly 2 years apart! It has made celebrating my birthday over the years extra fun! 

This was us celebrating my 21st birthday and her 23rd birthday a few years ago! 

 I am thankful for my sweet Dave & crossing things off 
the wedding to-do list! 
Goodness gracious, friends! Time is just flying by and my wedding to-do list just seems to keep growing and growing! Luckily I had a few moments to spare this week and I was able to cross a couple things off the list! Couldn't be more thankful for my better half who has kept me sane through this wedding planning process! He knows how to tame "bridezilla" ;)

I am thankful for pretty blooms!
I just love pretty flowers! Pops of color make me smile and always remind me of just how big and wonderful our God is to have created something so little, yet so beautiful! Love these settle reminders to embrace the beauty of life even amongst all of the craziness.

I am thankful my apartment no longer looks like this....
Looking at this picture makes me feel like I am going to have an anxiety attack! I am so thankful this step in the moving process is behind me! Stay tuned for updated pictures in the near future! 

I am thankful for memories with my sweet Nana
Heaven gained a precious angel this week. I am very thankful for the moments I had with my great-grandma! This picture was taken right after David and I got engaged! 

What are you thankful for this week?