Friday, January 22, 2016


Well hello there, friends! It's Friday and that's something to celebrate.

This week has been a busy one for me. Do you ever have those weeks where you literally feel like you need to schedule a time to sit down and eat, because if not, breakfast, lunch, and dinner time are just going to fly right by you leaving your belly growling?

I've experienced many of those days, but luckily, although my week was hectic, I definitely made time to pencil in some quality and relaxing time in the kitchen.
I have never been a cook. As terrible as this sounds, when I was younger, my Dad would jokingly "ground me" from the kitchen because I would waste so many ingredients trying out recipes. I found my niche when I started baking though, and have learned to love it even more the older I get.

We are trying to stay warm here in Indiana and I think fresh out of the oven, sweet treats are the way to go; oh and a cup of joe! This weekend I made homemade Apple Turnovers. Click here to check out the recipe.

To outweigh my guilt of watching the bachelor, I ate a whole pan of Averie Cooks' Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge on top. Talk about mouth watering. To find her recipe click here. This was definitely one of my favorites this week. And yes, this now officially validates that my New Year's Resolution is down the drain. #farewelldiet #givemeallthechocolate

Are you struggling to beat the dryness of winter, too? Man oh man it's been quite the battle for me. My hair and skin have never been so dry. Luckily I found a few new favorites that I can't get enough of. The Coconut Oil has been saving my lips from being extremely chapped, the Moroccan Oil is limiting the number of split ends and flyaways that stick out all over my head, and this belief lotion is seriously a dream come true and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

Rach & Linds are some of my very favorite people on this planet and they are hilarious. Coffee dates with these girls are just the best.

We showed up with matching new purses after being apart for a few months, so obviously that called for a little photo shoot. Did I mention how funny they are? 

And the two men in my life always seem to keep a smile on my face. And yes, I bought Bentley Pup a new fleece sweater this week because my heart broke watching him shiver when going potty in the snow. I almost bought him red polka dot rain boots too but those didn't fly with the hubby (& he wonders why I prefer to shop alone ;)) 

And speaking of my handsome man, this week was the 3 month mark of marriage. So grateful to have a lifetime more with this sweet soul! To check out our woodland wedding ceremony click here

And this picture of me and my dad cracks me up. We tricked everyone and did a crazy father/daughter dance. Right up my Dad's alley. This is one of my favorite pictures and memories from our wedding reception. 

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!! Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. I have always wanted to make a skillet cookie, I think I'm going to give it a try this weekend! I'm totally going to check out that belief lotion and you look gorgeous in your wedding photos! I'll have to go back through your older posts and see more!

    1. Thank you, Lizzie! You will LOVE the belief lotion!

  2. awesome post!! Congrats on 3 months of marriage!! monday marks my 6 months of marriage and it's been incredible! your pictures are gorgeous! so glad I found you through the link up!

    1. Thank you!! Happy 1/2 a year! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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