Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I don't think I fully appreciated everything my mom did for me growing up until I moved to college. It wasn't just the mounds of laundry that piled up in the corner of my dorm room that made me miss her (& all she did!). It was walking through the door after a rough day filled with exams, wishing for a warm welcome and a gentle hug that was sure to make my day a little brighter.

It was the notes she would put in my lunch box, even through high school, the times we spent on the volleyball court as player and coach, and the late nights we would stay up chatting and watching tv together. 

You see, my mom is a heck of a lady, and everything that I am today is because of her prayers, love, support, forgiveness and encouragement. I'm not a mom yet, so I haven't experienced the joy, heartache, stress, and frustration that having a child brings (although I have a puppy & that's enough stress for now!). I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask my sweet momma about some of her momfessional moments- and I know she has some, because all moms do! 

What's your favorite part about being a mom?  
"EVERYTHING!!  Watching the wonder in their eyes when they are little and learning something new. Watching them grow and become more confident in themselves as they get older… the hugs and the kisses and the snuggles!!"

What has been your biggest struggle as a mom? 
"When I decided to go back to work-when I couldn’t help out in their classroom and go on all the field trips was hard!  Also -  letting them grow up and know that they don’t need you as much as they once did!"

Your most embarrassing moment as a mom? 
"Falling down the stairs with pizzas in front of all their friends!"
(Okay, this one seriously cracks me up. Let me preface by saying, we had just replaced the carpet in our basement that morning. My brother, sister, and I all have friends over. We are just hanging in the basement absolutely starving. My sweet mom makes us pizza. As she is walking down the stairs, she completely slides down the last 10 steps and the pizza, it's sauce, and all of its toppings land face down on the floor. My Dad made a zillion and one jokes about this incident forever.)

Did you ever hide in the bathroom or camp out in your closet for just a few minutes of quite time away from the chaos of Derek, Macie and me?  
"Oh yes!!!  Why do you think I have bath time every night?  That was my quiet time away from you three!  LOL  Sometimes I would have to go outside and walk around for a few minutes to get some piece of mind when you three were going crazy!"
(I like to think she didn't have to step outside often, but I have a feeling she was outside more than inside most days! Especially when it came to playing games-things get a little too competitive at our house.)

"One of my other favorite parts of being a mom was always trying to make special memories for you guys. Whether it was at Christmas and trying to make every detail fun and special, or making Easter Bunny tracks at Easter, or even special things at your birthday parties- even sometimes just everyday spontaneous fun things- seeing the joy and happiness on your child’s face is the best feeling in the world!  Couldn’t want anything more than to be the mom of three wonderful, brave, courageous and caring kids!"
(She has ALWAYS been so great at making little moments in life, so incredibly special. And I think we are the lucky ones to have her- the three of us would lose our minds without this lady!)

My mom is the greatest, and I can only pray to be half the mother she is one day. So grateful to have her! 

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. So sweet! I love that you interviewed your mom.

  2. aww this is adorable! so glad i came across your blog and hope youll stop by mine!

  3. I absolutely love this post! I laughed so hard about the story of Mom falling down the stairs! It's happened to the best of us.
    I have been a Mom now for a short 17 months, and I cannot even explain how much closer I have gotten to my Mom through it! When you have kids of your own, you will grow even closer to her! I admire the respect that you have for your Mom now, even if you haven't experienced it, you have done a great job appreciating her for it!

  4. This is the cutest. I thought about doing something like this on Tuesday where I interviewed my momma, but she was out of town! Cute pictures too!


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