Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Must Have: Ankle Boot Addition

Hello Monday...

We are talking all things booties today!!! I am giving you my top 5 favs for fall & winter!

But first things first, Monday, I think this e-card suits you well..

Monday's are always rough for me..especially when forced to snap back into reality after a fun filled weekend!

How am I coping with yet another week of school ahead? Well online shopping of course!

All of the fall trends are killing me. I am so in love with all of the layers and all of the comfort. One thing that sticks out to me that I am officially obsessed with are the adorable ankle booties that I see paired with every outfit.  I am in search of the perfect pair to snatch up for this fall and winter.

After doing some research here are my top five favorite pairs:

#1. These booties from Nordstrom are waayyyyyy out of my price range, but I am totally crushing on how adorable and country they are.

#2. I am dying to have these herringbone cuties from Nordstrom as well. They are definitely worth saving for! To order a pair for yourself click here.

#3. These sassy things are perfect. Love love the gold zipper and fold at the top. To purchase these booties click here.

#4. These booties are so classy. The gray suede will pair perfectly with your fall and winter wardrobes.  Seriously though, how stinking adorable is the bow on the back? Ahh! I am already planning out the perfect outfits to piece together with these gems. To purchase click here.

#5. Last, but not least, these booties are so rock star wanna be and who doesn't want to be a rockstar?  Paired with a leather jacket and skinnys, these booties are definitely going to make a statement. To order some for yourself, click here.

Can't wait to order a pair this week!! Happy Monday, everyone!!


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