Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Decor: Free Printable

Hello There!

As we are approaching October, and fall is officially in full swing, my heart is dancing around a million miles a minute getting more exercise that it ever has. There are so many aspects of fall that bring joy to my life. I adore the crisp breeze, sight of the leaves changing, and the result of a fresh perspective on our world painted in oranges, yellows, and browns. I love nothing more than the smell of a bonfire that you know is just perfect for creating memories and eating smores; and if I am being completely honest, nothing quite taste better than my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. 

My favorite adjectives that describe fall go on and on and on... and somehow I got most all of them to fit on this FREE 8" x 10" printable.

This printable is PERFECT for a cheap and fun fall decoration for your home! Here is how I used it to add a little festivity to my bookshelves in my room! 

Throw together this free printable along with an inexpensive frame from goodwill that is upgraded with a few coats of fresh paint and BAM, within the snap of a finger your bookshelves will be screaming fall and you will be doing a happy dance around the room. You think I am joking, but really, what is more fun than embracing the world around us & giving fall the credit it deserves! 

To get the printable click here.

Fallelujah Friends!


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