Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Cork Board

Happy Happy Wednesday my friends!

We made it half way through the week! I used a little help from my morning coffee and my inspiration board to keep me pushing along. What keeps you plugging away? 

Today I am going to show you a super easy DIY tutorial on how to make the perfect little cork board that doubles as a place to hold all of your inspirations and dreams.

The first thing I did was purchase an old frame from Goodwill for $2.00. The frame was originally a gold metallic color. I used some left over paint from a previous project and gave it a new look!

Way back in the day I had four little square cork pieces I used to hang up above my desk in my bedroom. As I have gotten older, I have just found them to be pretty bland; however, I always saved them in hopes of repurposing the cork! This project was a perfect time to pull these little guys out of the storage bin.

I glued two squares of the cork together using a hot glue gun to increase the width to the correct dimensions of the frame. 

I then measured an inch down from the top of the cork board on both sides. I then connected the dots from one side to the next and placed a piece of masking tape in a horizontal manner. I continued this all of the way down the cork board creating parallel lines.  

Here is what it should look like from a far.

I then bought some charcoal grey paint from my fav, Hobby Lobby. It costed approximately $1.50. I also picked up two foam brushes for a whopping 10 cents each. 

I then coated two coats of gray paint over the entire cork board. The paint really absorbs into the cork, so I suggest painting several coats, especially if you are using a lighter color of paint.

Here is the two pieces of cork glued together and coated with two coats of paint.

Once the paint on your cork board has dried it is time to cut the cork into the proper dimensions for the frame. Measure the size of your frame and add 1/2 inch to each dimension to allow access cork to be glue to the back of the frame. I used hot glue and directly glued the cork to the back of the frame.

Here is what the finished product looks like.

Once this step is completely, it is time for the fun part! Fill your cork board with lots of inspiration and things you are passionate about.

Here is my inspiration board...

I really want to become a photographer one day, work with children who have disabilities, spend the rest of my life with Dave, go on frequent missions to third world countries, adopt an orphan, build an adorable little house, and build a park for children with disabilities.

I just love having my inspiration cork board right above my desk space. It really helps keep me motivated to give school my all so one day I can make all of my passions and dreams come true.

Inspiration boards are great. And inspiration cork boards are even better. Using a cork board allows you to continue adding things that inspire you or things you hope to one day do. It also allows you to remove things if you have a change in heart. Regardless, everyone deserves to feel inspired and what better way to capture the essence of your future goals then a pretty, DIY inspiration cork board.

Keep dreaming! 


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