Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hello there Friday, you are just what I needed!!! 

 And another link up of 'Friday Favorites' with some of my fav bloggers is just what I needed too! Check out Andrea's blog called MomfessionalsErika's blog called A Little Bit of Everything, and Narci's blog called Grace and Love. I just love their blogs to pieces and I admire their hearts for Jesus. 

#1. Okay guys.. I love TV shows and I have a lot of favorites, but Revenge is my all time FAVORITE.

In all honesty, never in my life have I watched a show where I literally could not peel my eyes away from the TV. I am telling you, for 40 minutes straight I don't blink. And for someone who adores sleep and can fall asleep during the time span of a 5 minute car ride, this show makes me feel like sleep is not a priority in my life. I will watch episode after episode after episode and never be able to stop.  Revenge is so my FAVORITE ever. 

If you haven't given Revenge a chance, and by 'revenge' I am speaking in terms of the show, not real life, you have to! The premise of the show revolves around a girl who's dad was convicted and killed for a crime that he did not commit. She spends her whole life getting revenge on the people that framed her dad. The show is crazy intense and makes me sweat profusely at times due to such high anxiety and nervousness.. but I promise, it is totally worth every bead of sweat and ounce of fear. 

#2 And speaking of things that are crazily consuming my life right now..Fantasy Football is one of them and is my total FAVORITE!  

I mean rotten e-cards say it's okay to let it rule my life, so that definitely makes it okay, right?

I am in a Fantasy football league with my dad, mom, brother, sister, Dave, and Sam (my brother's girlfriend). So far I am dominating with a record of 3-0, which I am sure (actually, I know) is out of pure luck, but regardless winning is fun, so therefore fantasy football is fun too. See the correlation? 

The second I start losing, I have a pretty good feeling that my love for Fantasy football is going to dwindle away faster than the blink of an eye... but until then... everyone cheer for team Maniac Madattack this week. I have a fierce match up against the parentals and my dad and I have already exchanged a few words of smack. 

#3. Giving hearts are one of my FAVORITE things ever! 

For about two years I have been working on a project to build a completely accessible and adaptable park for children with disabilities in my community. This park is my absolute dream. The love that I have for children with disabilities is deep beyond measure. The out pour of love and support from my family, friends and community, throughout all stages of my park project, have been so incredible.

Here is what the park design looks like! I can always picture the laughter and memories that are going to be created on this thing when it is finally built! 

On Tuesday, the high school girl's volleyball team did a fundraiser game night where they collected free-will donations, raffled off a few prizes, and had the local Dazzlers Cheerleading Squad (a cheerleading squad for children with disabilities..and side note: they are the most ADORABLE cheerleaders EVER) perform. 

The girl's volleyball team raised $1,608.00. 

I seriously about fell over when I heard that number, but in all honesty, it brought tears to my eyes. I am so overwhelmed by how selfless and servant minded people are in my community. When a large group of people come together, great things can happen, and Tuesday night proved just that. So anxious that dollar by dollar, and step by step, we are getting closer and closer to funding the whole cost of the park! 

#4. My parents relationship is one of my FAVORITES!

My dad was in Wisconsin with his brother for a few days this week visiting my Aunt and Uncle. He sent my mom flowers because he missed her. 

Melts my heart. 

Their love for one another after all of these years is still stronger then ever. So thankful for such a wonderful, Godly example of what a marriage should look like.

Look how sweet and happy they are together! I might be biased, but they are so stinking adorable. So blessed to have both of them! 

#5. Last but not least, the fact that some of my besties started their own blogs this week is so one of my FAVORITES. 

My dearest friend Rachel is blogging over at The Middle Sister. She is an absolute natural and not to mention absolutely hysterical. She is going to fill your life with so much joy through her blog! It is a total must read. 

Alli, who is absolutely one of the sweetest people I know, is blogging over at On My Way to Wherever I'm Going. Isn't her blog name so perfect? Her one of a kind stories and perspective on life is something you do not want to miss, so make sure you check out her blog too!!

I am still working on getting my favorite Katies to start their blogs, but if all goes as planned, their blogs will be up and running just in time to make them a Friday Favorite for next week haha 

I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!!



  1. Stopping in from the link-up... Your park plans look fantastic! Sounds like it's getting some wonderful support from the community, too. Best of luck with the rest of the fundraising and I look forward to following along and hearing more about it!

  2. thanks for the blog shout out! you are the best!


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