Monday, February 22, 2016


Monday's are more fun when you start them with a little motivation, so today, we are doing just that! My dear friend Tori over at A Sweet Life Diary of a Health Nut and I are kicking off our second week of our Motivational Monday Link-Up. Feel free to grab the graphic below and join us! 

Last week I blogged about 5 Ways to Wake Up With Pep in Your Step, and today I am sharing my top 5 running workout necessities:

#1. Cute workout clothes & the best shoe soles for your feet. 
You know the saying, you feel good when you look good? Well, adding a little flair of fun to your workout fashion can give you just the boost of confidence you need to keep pushing through your workout. I am pink obsessed these days and I am swooning over these workout outfits...


However, when it comes to picking out the perfect running shoes, looks can't be the determining factor. It is so important to have shoe soles that compliment your foot type. 
Runner's World gives a step by step tutorial of how to complete the Wet Test to find out what type of shoe soles are best for you. 

Huffington Post reveals 7 questions you should ask yourself when purchasing new running shoes:

+ What is your current fitness level and what are your future aspirations. Are you training for an event? What is the distance? 
+ What injuries have you had and how do they affect your exercise ability?
+ What does your gait look like when you run? 
+ 90% of people that come in to get their shoes fitted are wearing a size to small, so it is important to know how much space you truly need. 
+ Create an adjustment game plan, so your feet can adapt and adjust to the new support system.
+ The midsole is the most important aspect of the shoe. Try to overlook the design and color and find the best fit for you. 
+ Evaluate how your new shoes feel and be willing to make small adjustments next time around. 

#2. A running watch. 
I love to track my progress and work to improving my time and speed. Having a running watch allows me to set goals and have an accurate way of tracking them. This Garmin has been one of my biggest motivators. 

#3. A fun exercise combo. 
As many people know, cardio is great for the heart and coming from a family history of heart disease, so I truly value and understand the importance of including cardio in my weekly workouts. Sometimes though, I just need to mix things up to keep it interesting. I stumbled upon Popsicle Stick Workout Ideas and fell in love. It is the perfect way to add a little spontaneity to my exercise routine and target other areas of the body.

#4. Hydration
Staying hydrated is extremely important, so why not add a fun flair to your H20. Drinking water serves so many purposes in our bodies and making fruit infused water can play important roles, too. For instance, drinking water helps to control our heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature, it allows us to remove unwanted waste, and helps us maintain a healthy metabolism. Making infused water can also help with immune defense, heartburn, and fat-burning. Score, score! So drink water, girlfriend!!! It's so important. 

#5. Something to look forward to after workout. 
For me it's a delicious smoothie. Check out my recipe for this Mixed Berry Smoothie here. Thinking about this always helps me sprint a little faster to the finish line.

Happy Monday, friends!!! Thanks for stopping by! XOXO


  1. Happy Monday Maddie! I love the fruit infused water idea! I have been seeing pitchers for that everywhere. I am going to have to invest in one!

  2. I couldn't link up this morning and now it's closed 😭


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