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Well hello there, Friends! How's your day going so far? Please pardon all of the random wedding posts that will be scattered about for the next few months ahead. This little piece of the blogosphere that I call mine is a place where I document the triumphs and trials of this life I have been blessed to live. 

I love being able to look back on previous blog posts and reflect on the memories I have made through the years, after all, this is my digital scrapbook. The day I because Mrs. Butterfield is a memory I want to bottle up and remember forever. Since half the time I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, I want to take the time to document the details of October 17th, in hopes that one day I can share my wedding journey with my children and grandchildren. Bare with me ;)

When guests entered our reception venue we had an assemble of our engagement pictures, a hashtag sign (#BecomingAButterfield), coloring pages and crayons for the little ones, and playing cards for those who didn't want to spend the night on the dance floor. 

I made a photo book using Shutterfly for our guest book that was filled with an assortment of our engagement photos. I love the way it turned out with everyones colorful words of advice, encouragement, and signatures. 

Our wedding favors were homegrown pumpkins, compliments of my wonderful grandparents. When I was younger, one of my favorite memories was going to their house and picking a pumpkin to carve from their pumpkin patch. I thought it would be fun to incorporate this memory into our October wedding, with Halloween just two weeks after.

I picked up these little thank you tags from Hobby Lobby and they served as a great way to show guest how much we really appreciate them! 

When buying decor for our wedding, I always tried to ask myself how I would be able to use the item once the wedding was over. I justified this adorable pumpkin patch sign by telling myself I would hang it in our home every fall. 

We also used the pumpkins to add pops of color to the tables as well, along side some extra greenery, flowers, and pinecones.

I could eat trail mix for breakfast, lunch and dinner so I knew it was a necessity to include a trail mix bar at our wedding reception. I used apothecary jars that I had scattered around my home and filled each with some of our favorite treats. We included pretzels, peanuts, sunflower seeds, goldfish, m&ms, dried fruit, chocolate chips, and raisins. Guest could take it to go in a little bag with a decal that said "Maddie & David make the perfect mix" (Yes, I know! So cheesy! haha), or they could put it in a cup to enjoy their treat during the reception. 

Our chalkboard sign said: "Life is salty, but love is sweet, so please feel free to mix a treat!" 

We also had a pie bar with a variety of whole pies in case guest didn't love the flavors of our little mini pies. Let's be honest, I had to find a way to include Marque Letters! ;) 

The head table. 

We had an EXTREMELY large wedding party. We each had 12 bridesmaids/groomsmans on our side, so that called for a double decker head table. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I have an obsession with wanting to be different, so mini fall flavored pies (pumpkin, apple, and pecan) it was, and of course delicious cupcakes made by my talented cousin. I made little labels for the pies and fun colored flags for the cupcakes. If you can't tell, I love details. 

Vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling and frosting! 

Caramel chocolate cupcakes. I wanted to sneak a box of these with me on the plane. 

My Grandpa cut me 2" thick logs to use as centerpieces for each table and my sweet Grandma sewed all of these table runners for me. Right before guest arrived, pies and cupcakes were placed around the vase of flowers on the logs. 

Ceiling decor above the dance floor. 

My best friend Madi is incredible at nails. I wanted something simple, but fun & I love what her creative mind came up with! 

And I can't complete a reception post without sharing a few of my favorite pictures from the evening.
My sister is the funniest human on the planet. Her Maid of Honor speech was something I'll never forget. Love that girl to pieces. 

And of course, my sweet bestie Taylor caught the bouquet! This girl kept my emotions intact during the wedding planning process. 

And yes, my Dad and I were secretly taking dance classes and surprised everyone with a little fun father/daughter dance. Will cherish this forever. My Dad is just awesome. 

And despite how much I loved planning every detail of my wedding, one quote was always in the back of my mind through it all: "I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding." And for that reason, through all of the frustrations, selfish-moments, and good times,  I will try to live a life pleasing to the Lord, and be the best wife I can be.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Great pictures! Love your fun nails and that dessert table!

  2. You did such a great job with everything! The accent nail is so fun and I love all the pumpkins!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Thank you, Biana! Pumpkins are my fall fav!

  3. These details are amazing! The decorations are great and I love your nails! Super cute. And what a great idea to have cards for people who didn't want to dance!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I come from a family who loves to play cards so I thought it would be a fun touch! Have a great day!

  4. wow, so cute!!! Look at all of those fall touches mixed in. and holy wedding party!!! that is a huge group!!!! Love it.

    1. Thanks, Caitlin! And yes, huge is the only way to describe it! :)

  5. Maddie! You put so much thought and detail into everything for your wedding. I love all the different ideas, especially that trail mix bar! Love reading about your wedding experiences.

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