Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We are midway through the week! HOLLA! I hope it is going well for you all. We have been super busy this week, but luckily our schedules are filled with lots of fun activities. We celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday last night with family and it was too much fun. His friend party is Saturday and I am helping my sister-in-law make a few of the decorations. I need to get to working! And let's be honest, themed parties make my heart explode. I just love them.

And while we are on the topic of hearts exploding, how was your Valentine's Day weekend? Mine was fantastic and filled with lots of thankfulness and reflection.
Marriage can be a little messy and a little tough; i'll be the first to admit it. Tough mainly because it exposes every ounce of selfishness in me and reveals my deepest insecurities; but truth be told, marriage has been the greatest earthly decision I have ever made.

It has been full of the biggest blessings, has brought me endless joy and laughs, and I absolutely love having a life-long roommate!  I am so glad God chose me to live this life with David. He truly has the sweetest, most genuine heart.

Lets say farewell to all of the sappiness and say hello to all things heart shaped. I convinced myself this weekend that things would just taste better if I made them into the shape of a heart. So excessively, I did just that.

Heart shaped pizza for dinner on Friday night. Am I the only one obsessed with putting fresh pineapple on my pizza? This is seriously my new favorite thing.

and along side for dessert, a little heart shaped brownie-cookie cake. Which by the way, have your tried this before? Talk about heavenly and its a box mix, so can you really say no?

We went out to dinner on Saturday night and had the most amazing hibachi, so nothing heart shaped there, mainly just me attempting to use chop-stix. I just don't have to coordination for it and I am super jealous of anyone who can master using them.

Sunday Morning, I woke up my Valentine with a festive little breakfast in bed. Pink scrambled eggs did not turn out nearly as appetizing as I had predicted. I guess Dr. Seuss chose green eggs to go with ham for a reason ;).

David surprised me with some very thoughtful goodies and even picked me up my favorite drink from Starbucks when he went to pick up our Chinese food for dinner on Sunday night. He truly is a gemstone.

That's a rap! Now to finish out this week so we can enjoy another weekend! Hope you have a wonderful day, friends!!!


  1. Seriously so adorable!!! I love your breakfast in bed tray!

  2. Completely agree with all your thoughts on marriage!! It really is the best thing :) I can use chopsticks but mainly because I did a summer study abroad to China and in certain areas it was learn or starve lol!

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect Valentine's Day weekend. I also love your realness about marriage! It's nice to hear the challenges along with all the positives. That was so cute and clever to make everything into a heart. Can't wait for our Monday link up <3


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