Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Today I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy to talk about what I'm wearing! One of my very favorite parts about winter is the freedom to layer my clothing without feeling like I'm going to pass out because of heat exhaustion. Layers add more depth and visual interest to outfits, and are a fun way to express creativity.

Are you a Friends fan? I can’t help but picture Joey saying, “Could I be wearing anymore clothes?” every time I pack on another article of clothing to my outfit. 

I'm a bit vest obsessed these days. If I can throw a vest with it, I'm going to. The combination of my love for vests and fur have given my wardrobe a whole new look of wild. #justcallmeJane #Tarzanreference 

Oh and I can't stop wearing my Red Hunter Boots. #swoon I am eyeing some adorable light pink ones for Spring, but can't seem to justify the purchase to my adorable hubby just yet!

Cozy sweater weather is the best weather and this Old Navy sweater makes my heart so happy. It's the perfect weight for winter and is a great go to piece for the office.

Vests obviously go perfectly with starbucks dates along side my besties. I met this set of sisters at Purdue and they are just the funniest and best kind of people around. Always a good time when we get to reunite! 

Love love this mustard vest from Old Navy. Have I mentioned how much I love vests? And I am loving this chambray and grey cardigan combination. I wore it this way last week... 

And this way this week! Selfies in the Starbucks bathroom, because why not?! Starbucks is literally my second home. Give me all the lattes and blueberry muffins please. 

Random days where rays of sunshine peak through the sky and running tops paired with a light vest is all you need for a long walk outside with your pup, are hands down the best days. I want to put my winter coat in a box and never see it again for at least 10 months. 

To find a similar top to this yellow one and to find out what running watch I am obsessing over click here. Would you rather spend your days wearing elastic pants and ruffled running tops, too?! Or is that just me?

And with Valentine's Day this week, I am in full panic mode! I have nothing bought or planned for my sweet husband yet! But I do have our home decorated with fun Valentine's Day touches. Click here to get outfit, decor, and food inspiration for the day of love! 

Tune in tomorrow for a free printable! You "donut" want to miss out! (hint, hint!!!) 

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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