Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Goals

Last week I talked about 10 reason why I think everyone should write 10 monthly goals for themselves. Obviously these are all my opinions, but for me however, goals are a great motivator. There are few things I love more than completing my monthly goals.

To read why you should write 10 goals click here.

So, here are my monthly goals for October: 

#1. Carve a pumpkin
Plain and simple. I want to embrace every aspect of fall and the seasons that come with it. I think carving pumpkins are so fun and create such great memories. My grandparents have a huge pumpkin patch and every year I always look forward to picking out my favorite ones.  

#2. Bake a sweet treat for a friend
I have so many tasty looking treats pinned on my pinterst. This month I really want to put one of my recipes to good use and bake a little treat for one of my friends! 

#3. Take a trip to Indy
Well, funny enough, this goal can already be checked off for the month! This past weekend I took a trip to Indy and visited one of my high school besties, Laken. We had such a great time catching up!

#4 Go to a haunted house
Another fall related goal, do you see the trend? But in all reality, my friends and I have been saying for years that we are all going to take a trip to a haunted house. Well time is quickly running out and our senior year is slowly dwindling away, so I am certain that this year we are going to make it happen & we are going to take a trip to a haunted house. 

#5. Prepare more in advance for exams
This is something that I MUST work on. I can definitely be the definition of procrastination. I hate waiting until the last minute to crunch for exams, yet I always do it. With midterms this month, I am committing to preparing for my exams in advance. 

#6. Write out a Bible verse daily
Reading the Bible with a cup of coffee every morning was a goal I made for myself for September. It was quite possibly the best goal I have ever made and have stuck with. This new morning routine I have gives me so much positive energy and encouragement. This month I am going to add something to it and pick a verse out of my reading and write it in my journal for future reference & encouragement!  

#7. Send grandparents a card
I love getting mail and I equally love sending it. My grandparents are so important to me and this month I am going to send each one of them a card making sure they know just how special they are.

#8. Buy two Christmas presents
I am already on a Christmas kick and there is not stopping me now. I am already listening to instrumental Christmas music while I do my homework and honestly, I am not ashamed at all. This month my goal is to buy two Christmas presents.

#9. Make a craft from my fall Pinterest Board
Fallelujah as you know it is one of my favs. My Pinterest is compiled with lots of cute fallelujah crafts and this month my goal is to tackle at least one of them. Can't wait to show you the finished product! 

#10. Submit a grant for the park
I know that I have been sharing bits here and there about my park project and fundraising. We are approaching our goal amount, but still need a little more. One of my goals this month is to submit one last grant for my park project. 

Now that you know my goals for October, what are yours? I am excited to hear about all of the great things you accomplish throughout this chilly, October month! :)


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  1. #4 is a must! we are definitely making it happen this year and I can't wait!


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