Thursday, October 16, 2014


October 11th, 2014 is the best day I have ever had. EVER. 

My sweet Dave asked me to marry him and of course I said YES!! 

I have spent my whole life praying for someone who would build me up, keep me accountable, make me laugh, encourage me, love me, play sports with me, take on adventures with me, bake with me, act crazy with me, and love Jesus with me. 

I started feeling like my expectations were way too high and I was never going to meet a man that met my criteria; then I went on a speed date with this hunk and within 30 seconds I knew David was the man for me.

 He apparently wasn't as easily convinced. I had to work for his attention just a bit. ;)

Shamefully, after a little stalking and strategically locating myself in the same library as him to study, he was reminded of my existence and it was happily ever after from there. 

Goodness, I just love him to pieces! 

Friday afternoon David and I left for Bay View, Michigan with his parents to go to his family's lake cottage. I thought we were going there to close the cottage up for the winter, but man did they ever fool me.

Saturday morning David woke me up and wanted to take me out to breakfast. I was very persistent in wanting to just wear my PJ's (sweats and a sweatshirt) out to eat, but he on the other hand was very persistent in making me put on jeans. Coming from the guy who literally wears jeans twice a year, I was overly confused. 

Bless Dave's little heart. He was so patient and sweet and somehow convinced me to throw on a pair of jeans before we headed out the door. As much as I joke around about having swag, I am so happy he didn't propose to me in my 10 sizes too big sweat pants. 

At breakfast we decided to order two plates and share! We had chocolate chip pancakes, ham, eggs and more pancakes...and I now know that I literally ate it all. 

Dave was apparently just playing around with the food because he was so nervous, but me on the other hand, I thought he was pulling his weight and helping me eat so I had no idea that I was across the table shoveling in two whole meals alone. Just call me a human garbage disposal. 

After we ate breakfast we took a walk along Lake Michigan and ended up in a cute little gazebo. 

It was just a tad bit chilly and Dave brought along a blanket for us to cuddle under while we took in the scenery. Look how gorgeous are view was.

 Talk about peaceful.. the crisp fall breeze, the bright blue water, no one else in the world in sight.. it was pure perfection and so relaxing. I love sweet moments like this with Dave, where we can just embrace being together, reflect on life, and be in the moment.

As we took in God's beauty, David sweetly asked if we wanted to play cards or do a puzzle. All summer long David and I worked on a puzzle that my parents sent us every single night while we watched TV. With that being said, of course we went with the puzzle.  

He pulled out the pieces and as I started putting them together I realized that it was a picture of the two of us from the last time we were in Bay View together. 

My heart melted. 

I thought it was the sweetest thing in the world. Dave is such a romantic and always comes up with the most genuine and thoughtful ideas, so I thought he was just being extra sweet. As I put the pieces together, I realized that we were missing some key puzzle pieces.

David is such a natural because once again he fooled me and nonchalantly acted like the missing pieces must have accidentally fallen out into his bag. Yeah right, dude.

When he handed me the other pieces I noticed there were words on them and I looked at him and said "Oh goodness, I'm nervous!" because at that moment I had a slight suspicion of what might come next.

I felt like it took eternity for me to put the last pieces together. My hands were shaking and I was starting to cry and sweet David stepped in to help. He is such a gem!!

When the pieces were all in place it read "will you marry me?"

I was flooding with emotions. David was proposing. The moment that I had been dreaming of forever was happening and I was on top of the world. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I said YES!! I have never in my life been more sure of anything in the world.

 When I saw the ring I was stunned. It was breathtaking. 
It is an ecclesiastes 4:12 band..."A cord of three strands is not easily broken" and it symbolizes the promise between David, God and I. 

David then asked if he could pray for us.

I cried tears of joy during the whole prayer. I am so grateful to have David as a spiritual leader in our relationship. He truly keeps me accountable and always makes sure our relationship is centered around the Lord. I am so overwhelmingly blessed and joyful to have him in my life. 

After we prayed, we celebrated with my future in-laws!! Ekkkk!!! Can I just take a moment to say how BLESSED I am to have Jim and Barb as my future in-laws! Man alive are they the greatest and I just love them both so so much! 

We spent the rest of the day going to an apple festival along the lake. The scenery was beautiful. We enjoyed some yummy apple cider, taste tested all different kinds of cherry recipes, shared delicious homemade apple pie, had caramel apple and pumpkin spice flavored popcorn... the list goes on and on. I loved it! Every minute of it was perfect.

Later that night we had a nice relaxing dinner at the cottage and rented Father of the Bride. Get the irony? ;)

The next day we had a really really relaxing day! It was very refreshing! Then, Monday morning we packed up early and headed to my hometown to see my family! I got to show David's parents all around CC. I loved being able to take them to my house so they could see where I grew up! It was just so much fun! 

My parents threw us a little surprise party with all of my family! It was so much fun seeing everyone and telling them our story!

 On Tuesday we set a date for October 17th, 2015 and things got REAL! We are getting married in almost a year! How crazy???? I am so PUMPED to be Mrs. Butterfield!!!

On Tuesdat night, I had a pinning circle at Ann Tweedale. A pinning circle is a tradition we do here at AT to announce that a girl in the house is engaged. It is such a sweet and fun tradition. I was soooo happy to finally be able to tell all of my besties that I was engaged!!!

I love these girls so much!!

 Room 10 love! 

All of my pledge sisters!

Love my sweet Rachel!

Katie and I are engaged besties and I love it! Her and her fiancé surprised David and I with two engagement/wedding planning books! She is seriously one of the most thoughtful people & I am so grateful to have her as a bridesmaid (& to be her bridesmaid, too!). 

I am so lucky to have such sweet friends, two loving families & such a WONDERFUL fiancé! 

I am so thankful to be marrying my sweet Dave and 



  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I was smiling the whole time I read your story. Two people have never been more perfect for each other, love you and Dave!

  2. God really did create each of you with the other in mind! Also, I got goosebumps at that comment. Love you and this post so much :)

  3. I'm visiting via the Friday Favourite Link Up, and read your engagement story. So lovely. You two sound like a very special couple who place Jesus at the centre of your lives. Best wishes!!


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