Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Polar Tundra: AT Cooperative Style

I know I have talked before about Ann Tweedale, the wonderful place I call home here at Purdue. AT holds such a special place in my heart and has truly made my college experience more memorable than I ever thought it could be. Not to mention the fact that I have made so many life-long friends through the COOP system as well and found my future husband through the COOP system too! :)

Ann Tweedale Cooperative is Purdue's best kept secret.

The word cooperative by definition means helping one another in working toward a common goal. We take that very seriously. Our goal being to run a clean, efficient, and effective house. We cook our meals for each other, clean common rooms of the house for each other, redecorate parts of our house, and take care of each other like family all of this in an effort to make our house as much of a home as possible. We stay running because the women of our house work together and utilize each others diverse skills, knowledge and talents to overcome any obstacles we may face. And as a result of our working together we are able to keep our rent low and learn invaluable new things from 40 very diverse, wonderful women. 

Recruitment is a time when cooperative members showcase their houses and invite prospective members to come and learn more about joining a cooperative. This is always such as fun and exciting time for us and recruitment for this year is quickly approaching. I thought I would go back in time and reminisce about AT's recruitment decor from last year. We took on the challenge with a polar tundra flare and I loved it! 

"welcome home"
We had Christmas lights everywhere! 

Nothing beats a moose on the wall.

Or a bear for that matter.

We took out all of the furniture in our living room and put up white sheets as a back drop. We used artificial trees to create a little festive polar tundra forest. Check out that penguin! 

Having a polar tundra themed party wouldn't be complete without a hot chocolate bar, am I right?

And of course we had to include an igloo in the tundra. Who knew milk jugs could possibly be this cute?

In the dinning room we had a sugar cookie decorating party. We put a variety of sprinkles in these adorable little snowflake plates.

Loved, loved, loved recruitment 2014.

Here are all my sweet AT sisters. Love them all to pieces!

If you want to know more about Ann Tweedale click here.
To learn more about the Cooperative System at Purdue University click here.

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  1. You did such a great job with recruitment! Your creative & artsy personality is so admirable. Love you!


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