Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Bucket List

There are so many things that I would love to do! Despite the cost factor, time factor and realistic factor, here are some of the aspirations and dreams I have and desire for the future! 

Here we go! 

1. Visit ALL 50 States! 

 After David and I get married our plan is to visit all 50 states together. I have this vision of us piecing together pictures from each trip into a map of the United States. I would love nothing more than to explore the US with my soon to be hubby! :) 

2. Host a foster child or an exchange student. 

Shortly after David and I get married we really want to host a teenage foster child or host an exchange student. I have been very passionate about doing one of these two things since I was in middle school. I know it will be very challenging, but I can't think of anything more rewarding.  

3. Create my own shop on Etsy.

Crafting is my outlet and I would LOVE to have my own etsy shop one day. 

4. Travel to London.

#5. Be in the audience during the filming of a cooking show. 

I am the epitome of the world's worst chef, however, I ADORE me some cooking shows. As much as I envy talented chefs like Rachael Ray, I find so much enjoyment and curiosity out of  watching their shows. I would love to be in the audience and of course would keep my fingers crossed for free taste testings as well! ;)

#6. Own my own bridal boutique. 

Okay, this desire has recently just aspired. My dear friend Katie said "YES" to the dress a few weeks ago and it made my heart so happy! Now I really really really want to have my own bridal boutique where other bride-to-be's can have similar experiences as Katie. It is just so special when brides find the perfect gown for their perfect day. 

#6. Mission Work in Haiti 

I have been on numerous mission trips, but none out of the country. I have always desired to go on a mission trip to Haiti and I am determined to make that happen sometime in the near future. 

#7. Start a non-profit organization for children with disabilities.

I really really really want to start a non-profit organization where children with disabilities have the opportunity to grow and enhance fine motor characteristics through Art Therapy. This is my dream and I can't think of anything I am more passionate about. I would love to dedicate my future career to making this happen! 

#8. Marry Dave and Start a Family

Really I want nothing more than to marry my sweet Dave and start a family. A family composed of four little kids of course. We have so many desires for our future! We plan to adopt, build our dream house and spend our lives loving one another, just as God loves us! This is my ultimate aspiration and bucket list goal and I am so excited the first part (the marrying Dave part) is just around the corner! :)

What's on your bucket list?


  1. This is a truly great bucket list!! Love the last one most! Mine is kinda boring and practical next to this :-)
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  2. You have a lot of great goals!! :) You'll love being married and having kids - they are the best ones I've checked off my list! :)
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  3. eeeek so I'm stalking your older posts ;) but I would like to be involved in 2 of these 1) being in the audience of a cooking show and 2) Mission trip in Haiti :) and can we maybe open a coffee shop together so we can sit, drink coffee, and blog ALL day :D


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