Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!!! 
The weekend is finally here!!! I am kicking off the excitement with another link-up of Friday Favorites with some of my favorite bloggers. Check out Andrea's blog called MomfessionalsErika's blog called A Little Bit of Everything, and Narci's blog called Grace and Love. Their blogs are so inspiring and they are a must read! 

#1. Brownie Brittle 
My mom sent me these in a care package awhile back and I can't keep my hands out of the bag. They are like little drops of heaven that melt in your mouth. I LOVE the crispy edges of brownies and these mimic the taste perfectly. If you are a lover of brownies, than these will be sure to fix your craving! 

#2. Old School Fashionistas
I have a weird obsession with wishing I lived in the early-mid 1900's. I am obsessed with June Cleaver from the good ole show Leave it to Beaver and I can't help but swoon over Jackie Kennedy and her gorgeous style full of class and elegance.

She is just full of beauty! I can't help but love her outfit.

Love me some high waisted skirts. She's killing it with that gold belt! 

She is such a fashion icon, friends!  

This just screams perfection. I wish this hat was still socially acceptable ;)

Goodness gracious, I just love, love, LOVE how modest, yet chic she is!

#3. Spring Break Clothes
Now on to something not so modest... bathing suits!

Gosh darn it, friends, Target does it again and somehow ends up with half of my paycheck. As much as it annoys me that I literally have no self-control when it comes to online shopping, I love getting packages in the mail filled with all kinds of goodies.

And what is better than a package filled with swimsuits that were buy one get one 50% off. 
Not a whole lot ;)

I love purchasing patterned tops that I can pair with a pre-existing solid pair of bottoms. It really expands my bathing suit collection and does so at such an affordable price. When I saw this top I just knew my solid black bottoms were calling its name! 

I have a new found love for one pieces and tankinis, and of course I have always been addicted to polka dots and peplum tops. All of my favorites merged into one and it's a win for me! It would have been a sin if I would have passed up this one of a kind cutie.

I have had the same striped cover-up since I was a freshman in high school so I was extremely overdue for something a little more mature and classy. I went with this beach staple to add to my spring break collection...
This sweet little suit cover-up comes in BlackCoral or Cream.

I went with black, so I could pair it with this adorable floppy, beach hat.
I am obsessed with this purchase, but if it's not your thing check out these other cute options. You will be looking like a beach babe in no time sporting one of these! 

I think I might have to add this to the cart before Spring Break. I just can't get over the bow. It's perfect. 

and this hat is perfect is you want to add a little sass to your beach wardrobe. You can never go wrong with cheetah print. It's a neutral, right friends?

I already have a beach bag, but I am swooning over how cute this is...

This little guy is only $9.99 and I may just have to take the plunge and sacrifice Starbucks next week for it. I think it's worth it, do you agree? 

It would go perfectly with my new cover-up and floppy hat

#4. Short Hair. Don't Care. 

Once upon a time, I had short hair and bangs. Hard to imagine, huh? Well here is a little throw back to my younger days, when I had short, little locks & occasional piggies...
You can't tell me that I don't look like a toddler. Sadly, I am a senior in high school here.

This was my sweet bestie Addie's bachelorette party.

The summer going into my freshman year of college with one of my all-time favorite co-workers, Chelsey! 

At my high school graduation party with my sweet grandparents. I laughed when I saw this picture because since then my grandma has handed me down the tank top she is wearing and I am literally obsessed with it. She is such a little fashionista & I adore some good ole' hand-me downs from her. She's a gem. 

And lastly, when I was a freshman in college, when my short bob was finally starting to grow out.

Okay, you get the idea. My hair was short and now my hair is long. Too long for it's own good really. I just want to chop the sucker off, but I just can't bring myself to do it until after my wedding. 

You best believe that day I get back from my honeymoon, my hair will be gone instantaneously. I am hoping that it is long enough by that point that I can donate it to Locks of Love, and I am also hoping that by some miracle I am able to style a short bob better than I did when I was 17. ;)

Here are some of my favorite shorter styles that I just love! 

What are your favorites this week? I can't wait to hear! 

Happy Friday, friends! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Super Cute Blog!! I have to get on!! That cheetah top is too cute... I love mix and matching too! And I have to make that bag mine! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Oh Mads I LOVE those beach hats! I borrowed an adorable one from Anna that she wore in Jamaica! and you can dress like Jackie Kennedy around me I wont make fun of you ;)

  3. I love Jackie Kennedy!! I'm like you--I love the fashion from the 50s-60s so thats why I love Lilly Pulitzer!

  4. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth and will definitely be trying some of that brownie brittle ;-) also...that peplum tankini is adorable. Have a great weekend, Maddie!!

  5. I just bought a bathing suit from Target last week...while I was grocery shopping. Needless to say this week I went grocery shopping at the actual grocery STORE so there were no more extra purchases but SO CUTE! You must buy that cheetah print!


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