Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Every Handbag You Could Ever Imagine

My parents are laying on the beach in Florida in 80 degree weather while I am stuck in Indiana, so I am coping by doing some online shopping at my one and only, Target. 

If I do say so myself retail therapy does wonders for the winter blues.

So here's to ignoring reality and saying hello to spring and hello to a whole bunch of pretty handbags. 

I am convinced that a handbag can add just the pop of color you need to your spring wardrobe. Check out these adorable inspirations from Pinterest. 

Target has some unbelievably adorable handbags and they are buy one get one 50%. 
It's like they knew I was in need of a new handbag at a great price. 

Check out some of there absolutely stunning and unique bags:

red one//red two//red three

Talk about a steal. I ordered the blue one in the middle and the pink one on the far left. I think these two bags are going to become staples in my spring wardrobe this year. 

So excited to add a little sass and fun to my everyday attire with these colorful handbags. 

Which ones are your favorites? 

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  1. Well I was just looking at purses at Target and figured I should save myself the trouble and just look at your post.. thanks for doing the work for me ;)


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