Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Day I Would Repeat Over and Over Again

The truth is that there are lots of moments in time I wish I could relive. I would do anything to be sitting at the table playing cards with my grandpa again. Most of my favorite childhood memories were created thanks to him....

I would love to be back on the volleyball court with my high school teammates by my side and my mom coaching me from the sidelines....

I would love to be soaking in some Florida sunshine like the good ole' days on our annual spring break vacations....

There are countless memories that I love and know without a doubt that I would love over and over again if I could repeat them. However, when I truly think about a day that I would want to reoccur over and over again, the thing that comes to mind is a day of simplicity, and a day spent with the ones I love.

If I was producing a movie titled the Day I would Repeat Over and Over Again (I know, how original, right?) the following individuals would play leading roles:

My sweet, heart of gold, beautiful Mom.

My way too tall & humorous brother.

My gorgeous, sassy, fun loving sister and bestie, Macie. 

My sweet, amazing chocolate chip cookie making Grandma Kay.

My spunky, strong willed, and one of a kind Papa Vessie.

My hilarious, sports loving, family oriented father. 

My absolutely adorable, kind hearted, and stylish grandma. 

My adventurous, successful, giving grandpa Tom. 

My handsome, patient, fun-filled, means everything to me fiancĂ©. 

The story line would involve repeating my favorite day about this time last year. We were snowed in. Literally over a foot of snow covered the ground and we were going no where. We put on snow gear and embraced it to the maximum. 

Macie, Dave and I started out the day building a snowman.                   
"Do you wanna build a snowman?" 
Sorry, I had to.

Then somehow we got my parents on board and we spent hours playing football in the middle of the street. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

When we couldn't bare the cold any longer we headed in doors and built a huge blanket fort. Macie, David & I spent the afternoon watching Hart of Dixie, drinking cocoa and playing cards. It was pure bliss.

Then my grandparents came over and my mom made one of my favorite suppers. It was out of this world. Baked potatoes  broccoli and cheese and barbecue chicken. 
My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

After dinner we spent the evening drinking hot tea and playing every board game imaginable. 

I know you are probably thinking "why in the world would she want to repeat this day over and over again?" 

It's simple. 

We were forced to all be under one roof at the same time, with no real obligations from the outside world. We bonded as a family, made memories that I will never ever forget, and laughed harder then I have ever laughed. It was a day that started out with no expectations and ended in love, thankfulness, and joy.

 For those reasons, I would love to repeat this day with my leading cast over and over again.

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  1. Snowy days are the best! It is a great "reminder" (even when forced) to spend time with our loved ones. I have fond memories sitting around the fireplace drinking coffee and just chatting with my whole family. Great post!


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