Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

I cannot believe that it is ALREADY February. It literally blows my mind. I jotted down 10 goals for this month. I just love writing my monthly goals.

1. Read More (For Fun).
Reading had always been a hobby of mine, until I got to college and was forced to read about kinesiology and the blood flow to the heart. I was intrigued for about a day, and then wanted my Nicholas Sparks love stories back. I am committing to reading this month for FUN! 

These two books are on my list:

and I don't think John Green could of said it any better...

2. Drink 1 Gallon of H20 Daily.

I am doing the Gallon Challege with my sweet friend Rachel. This month I am forcing myself to rehydrate and drink a gallon of water daily. 

3. Be More Patient.
Folks, patience is a virtue, and I don't have any of it. I am committing to try my very best at being more patient day in and day out. I am really, really hoping that this goal sticks for life. I really need to make improvements. 

4. Drink Less Coffee & More Tea.
I have always been a coffee drinker, but last Friday I shared that Tazo Tea has officially stollen my heart and transformed my taste buds. I love how refreshing and flavorful a cup of tea is and this month my goal is to drink more tea and less coffee. 

5. ENJOY Wedding Planning.
Nothing in the entire world makes me happier than knowing that I get to marry David on October 17th, 2015. But thinking about everything that has to happen between now and then can be a bit overwhelming. I am hopeful that this month I can purely just enjoy every aspect that is involved with wedding planning. I don't want to get caught up in the stress that is so often times linked with wedding planning, instead, I just want to love it all. 

6. Embrace College.
I love Purdue more than words can begin to express. Tears start flowing when I think about this being my last semester bleeding black and gold. I am embracing every second I have left, and that means studying, too. 

7. Call Grandparents Weekly.
I am so grateful to have the sweetest, most loving, adoring grandparents. They truly are such treasures in my life. Every day is a blessing on earth and I am going to call each of them ATLEAST four times this month. 

Aren't my mom's parents the absolute cutest. They mean the world to me. 

Goodness gracious do I love my Grandma Kay! 

8. Pray More, Talk Less.
Sometimes I get way too overboard and let little things get me all fired up. I've learned that it is just not worth it. I am done complaining, and instead am going to turn to prayer. Prayer is powerful, gossiping is hurtful. I think the best choice is the obvious one. 

9. Eat Healthier.
Part of getting fit is eating healthier too. This is something that I have always struggled with. Lattes and Dove chocolate in my mind can always be justified. This month I am going to work on breaking my habit of chowing down on some major junk food the second I walk through the door after a long day. I am going to start eating healthier this February. Here are a few healthy foods I am eager to try:

(source: here)

(source: here)

(source: here)


10. Sleep More, LOTS more. 
Bottom line is that I do not get enough sleep. Why you might ask? Because Netflix sucks me in every. single. night.  I am absorbed in Parenthood and cannot break the obsession. Is there therapy out there for Netflix addicts? I seriously could use some counseling. 

I love this graphic from Mind Body Green. Netflix is done making me sleep deprived. Starting now. Hopefully.

Happy February, Friends! 


  1. Oh Maddie I love this! Parenthood is a real problem... I just watched the Series Finale yesterday... Lets just say I was ugly crying and a hot mess! I had to warn Seth in advance not to make fun of me when I came down stairs. Love the healthy recipe ideas!

  2. Those Apple sandwiches look delicious! Love this!


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