Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sugar Cookies with Your "Sugar"

So one of your best friends gets engaged & you are over the moon excited. What next? Throw together a cute little gift bag full of sugar cookie decorating supplies & attach this free printable gift tag. That's what I did when my sweet Laken got engaged. 
Here's how it all went down...

Oh boy, oh boy! When my phone rang late on Christmas Eve & I saw Miss Laken Lefever calling, I knew it could only be one thing....


My heart is literally overflowing with happiness for my sweet bestie & her perfect other half. I am fully convinced that God created these two with the other in mind. They go together perfectly. And the best thing about their whole relationship is that it is centered around the Lord. Melts my heart.

I can't rant and rave about the perfect couple without showing you a picture of them. So, here they are... the future Mr. & Mrs. Elston.

She is literally BEAMING with happiness. 

And nothing is sweeter than a proposal action shot, and let me tell you friends, this one does not disappoint...
Ahh the facial expressions. Pure bliss.

Oh and one last thing
... sit down for this because it's going to knock you off your feet...

I looovveee the uniqueness of the pear cut. 

All of us girls had planned to meet bright and early in the morning the day after Christmas to get all of the details in person from our newly ENGAGED Laken. I knew I wanted to throw a little something together to congratulate her. I didn't have much time & my resources were limited, so I decided to throw a little "sugar cookie decorating" bag together. You know, so she could celebrate the engagement by baking sugar cookies with her sugar. 

and yes... I am fully aware of how cheesy that is. 

Here are the things I purchased:

1. One bag of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix
2. Whipped Vanilla Icing
3. A set of 4 Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters
4. One package of Candy Hearts
5. One container of pink sprinkles
6. One Icing Decorating Kit
7. A card
8. Tissue Paper
9. A bag to place all of the contents inside 

I simply placed all of the contents in the bag, shoved some tissue paper inside, attached the card to the front, and added a little bow.

My mom snapped a little selfie of me and the "sugar cookie" bag. 

And here is the finished product right before Miss Laken arrived.

I hadn't created the little gift tag when I made the goodie bag for Laken, but don't forget to grab yours. Here is the link for the free printable.

Remember, this is quick & simple and makes for a fun treat for the newly engaged couple to share together! Happy Wedding Season!


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