Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year: New Resolutions!

A few highlights from 2014!

In January I was the New Membership Chair for the Cooperative House I live at at Purdue. It was so much fun & so much work organizing Recruitment; but looking back on my experience I truly loved every minute of it! To read all about it click here.
These were the mini cupcakes that were apart of our hot cocoa bar.

The theme for the year was Polar Tundra, so we moved all of the furniture out of our foyer and created ourself a little Polar Tundra Forest.

My sweet bestie Katie got engaged! and asked me to be a bridesmaid!

                                                  One of my high school friends, Sam, got married to her sweetheart! She was a stunning bride & her wedding was so PERFECT!!! Above is a picture of my bestie Laken, Sam & me at the reception!                                                                                      
I drug along Rach as my date for the wedding! 

Raised lots of money for my 'Every Kid's Dreamland' park project! I briefly discussed my dream in one of my Friday Favorites posts. To read about it click here.

Dave and I reupholstered our first chair. We had SO much fun! To see the before and after transformation click here

Celebrated Easter with my sweet family!

Went on lots of fun day dates with this handsome man! 

 Celebrated my dear friend KT's birthday with all of my favorite college besties! 

Went overboard on the PSL more than ever before with Taylor!

And then had more Starbuck's PSL dates with Rach!

Had a throw back to my younger years and saw Disney On Ice: Princesses and Heroes. I loved EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE of the performance and would love to go again!

Went to a louisville basketball game with Dave & my parents! 

After the game we had the best pizza at a local diner! It was delicious! This picture cracks me up for some reason. My parent's facial expressions are just too funny. 

The best day of my life occurred in 2014! I got engaged to my sweet, sweet David! To read all about the proposal click here!

David and I went to the Purdue Christmas Show & walked around town to look at the lights!  

I helped my precious mama decorate the house for Christmas! My favorite time of the year! 

One of my favorite trees in the house to decorate! The dinning room "snowman" themed tree! 

Embraced one last "Pixie Party" at Ann Tweedale with my sweetest college besties. Could not be more thankful for these girls! They are so dear to my heart! 

Decorated Christmas cookies with my brother and grandparents. One of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Celebrated Christmas Eve with some of my favorite girls! My brother's girlfriend Sam, my sister Macie, & my cousin Morghan. 

2014 definitely had its ups and downs, but I look back on the year with a heart full of love and thankfulness. It truly was the best year yet, but I am so anxious to see all that 2015 has in store! 

2015 is the year I am going to...
Graduate from Purdue
Start Graduate School
Move into a place of my own 
Have a real job (hopefully!!)
Get Married

My resolutions are to....
1. Sleep More
2. Exercise A LOT More (considering I don't exercise now)
3. Drink more tea and drink less lattes 
4. Have my Jesus time before I have my blog/Pinterest time in the morning
5. Take long walks with friends
6. Read more for fun
7. Enjoy EVERY part of the wedding planning process
8. Visit a new place
9. Learn a new skill
10. Join a small group at church.

Happy New Year friends! I hope 2015 brings each of you many blessings! 

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  1. Wow Mads! 2015 is going to be such a great year!!! Can't wait for all of your wedding festivities :)


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