Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I loved reading about everyone's hometowns yesterday. If you missed it, you can check out mine here. It was so much fun recapping on some of my favorite memories growing up and reflecting on why my hometown is truly so special to me. But today, I am dishing my favorite (healthy-ish) recipe for Turkey Bacon Wrapped Asparagus.  It's super simple and the perfect side dish for a spring/summer meal and am I right saying everything taste better in bacon?


Here's What You'll Need: 
1 1/2 pounds of trimmed asparagus spears
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Package of Bacon 
Salt (optional) 
Pepper (optional) 
Garlic Powder (optional) 
Parmesan Cheese (optional) 
Garlic Glove (optional) 

Here's How You Make It: 
Preheat the oven to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit 
(or skip this step and take advantage of cooking on the grill.) 

First, rinse off the asparagus with water and pat dry. 

Cut off the bottom inch or so of the asparagus.

Lightly coat asparagus spears with extra virgin olive oil.

Divide the asparagus by the number of bacon slices you have on hand and bundle them up.

Wrap the bundle and secure the spears together using a slice of bacon as shown above. I used one slice of bacon for each bundle, but you can never have too much bacon, right?  
Once bacon is bundled and wrapped it is time to season it with your favorite spices. The options are endless.

I used a combination of: 
-Garlic Powder 
-A dash of Salt
-Finely chopped fresh garlic 
-Parmesan Cheese 
-A splash of worcheshire sauce 

Pop in the oven for about 12-14 minutes or until bacon is desired crispiness and the asparagus has reached desired tenderness. 
(If cooking on grill, place bundles on hot grill and cover. Cook for about 10-12 minutes.)

Seriously so flavorful and delicious! Hope you enjoy! 


  1. This sounds so delicious! And I love how you have the recipe card at the bottom!!

  2. Oh I love asparagus and bacon, but I've never thought of putting it together!! That is such a good idea, and maybe I could convince my husband to eat it if it's wrapped in bacon LOL. Thanks for sharing! I need to make this ASAP!

  3. Yum! My mom and I were just saying yesterday how we want to make these for Easter!


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